Digital Goods: All sales are final on digital goods. Your digital purchases are available to download at any time using the origional e-mail address you used at the time of purchas. Go to the "Account" button at the bottom of the store, enter your e-mail and you will recieve a log-in link to retrieve your files. If you have any issues, please e-mail us or message us on Facebook.

3D Printed Parts: All 3D printed parts come with a lifetime replacement guarantee. At least one photo is required to replace parts. The photos and described events that caused the failed part are only to help us confirm the correct part to replace and evaluate if design changes can be made to increase the strength of the part. Your photo and description have no consideration for part replacement. Your honest feedback is valuable and will help improve our products. Replacement prints are shipped USPS First Class and will only contain the failed printed part (no hardware).

Machined/Cut Parts: All cut metal parts will be considered for replacement should be become damage. All metal parts production are outsourced and will take time to produce and ship should your part be determined to have failed due to design or manufacturing flaw. Replacement of metal parts are conducted on a discretionary basis as they do not tend to fail under normal conditions.

International: If the shipping amount greatly exceeds (> or = $10 over listed) the listed option, additional shipping funds will be requested. If you choose not to proceed, all paid shipping costs will be refunded. I encourage international customers to seek local 3D printers if parts need replaced. I will supply the STL at no charge for you to have it produced locally. This will help speed up the replacement and reduce VAT costs on imports. If you choose the STL, shipping costs will be refunded.

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