3D Desing and Product Development

V1W X1 Class 1 Chassis

V1S Sporty Comp Chassis for Axial Capra

Products Design Colaboration with Hackfab RC - https://www.hackfabrc.com/

Losi Mini-T/B Oval / Drag / Road Chassis Project

Hackfab approached us for help with their and prototype chassis for their oval car conversion kit. Profided with their initial designes and consepts we assisted them in refining, adjustment and further development of their chassis line up.

Aditional new designs developed by us were: Slipper Eliminator, Slipper Eliminator/Adapters for Mini-8 Spur Gear, Wheelie Bar, and designed/created documentation for various components to be machined.

Team Associted 1/18 Reflex
Towers, Battery Strap, Bulk Head Brace (Designed for CNC/Laser)

Lexan Modified Oval Body
(Desin Adjusmtnet/Cleanup/Render)

Losi 1/18th Scale Mini-T 2.0 & B
Slipper Clutch Eliminator and Motor Plate
(Designed for CNC/Laser)

RC Car Tractor Pull Sled
Complete redraw, change, proof component fitment
and improve existing desing for simplified manufacturing.

(Designed for CNC)

Body Mount
Body Mount for a Traxxas XMAX using Post and Pin Style mounts for aftermarket bodies
(Designed for CNC)